Mr. & Mrs. C

My name is Courtney Callicutt.  I'm almost a quarter of a century old.  I'm just a Southern girl trying to manage my first home, a farmhouse that's been in the family for nearly a century.  I love cooking, list making, crafts, thrifting, canning, keeping house, and my family.  I'm a teacher, wife, daughter, and sister.  My ultimate goal is to honor the Lord, Jesus Christ in all I say, do, and think.  I fail Him everyday and I'm forever grateful for his abundant Grace.

My husband Josh is also a quarter of a century old.  Like me, he's a Southerner and was born and raised in a family very similar to mine.  He enjoys growing vegetables, working out, collecting comic books, and coaching wrestling.  Though he's a city boy, he's adapted well to this simple country life that we lead.  He's the spiritual leader in our home and a great mentor to the many students that he works with.

Together, we make a really fun pair.  We love to travel, especially to Disney World.  We spend a great deal of time in the kitchen.  We believe that a simple life is the best life and we try to honor the Lord in everything we do.  We're clean eaters {mostly} and believe that our bodies are temples and should be treated well.  We spend most afternoons and weekends cuddled up with these two guys:

Perseus-No. 1

Achilles-No. 2


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