Saturday, November 3, 2012

All-Natural Orange Concentrate {DIY Cleaning}

Thanks for all the well-wishes yesterday.  I feel much better.  Yesterday I only ate a handful of pecan halves and three chocolate chip cookies, so I have this awesomely voracious appetite this morning.  Once Mr. C stops snoring, I hope to convince him to pick up breakfast at The Roystonian.

Saturday means Cleaning Day.  We're working ourselves into a weekly cleaning schedule so that our Saturdays can be free for adventures, but thus far we've struggled with the day-to-day schedule.  I have a standing appointment every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and my Tuesday/Thursday afternoons are booked up with piano students.  Mr. C has wrestling practice every single afternoon so by the time we both drag ourselves home, we're too tired to stick to the schedule.  I do believe we'll get there one day, but for now we clean on Saturdays.

I've written about our desire to only use chemical-free cleaning products in our home.  I still haven't been able to give up my Clorox obsession, but I did just place a huge order for some Mrs. Meyers products.  I can't wait until they get here and my home smells like clean lavender!  Until then, I'll make do with some wonderful homemade cleaning concentrate.

Isn't it pretty?  It smells so good and it's super easy to make.  You'll need:

  • White vinegar
  • Citrus peels
  • 1 Mason jar, dome, and ring
  • Two weeks
A few months ago, I bought a crate of Clementines.  Do y'all love Clementines?  Mr. C and I can literally polish off three or four everyday...each.  They are the perfect size to fit in my purse {or the Mister's pocket} and they are seedless.  Total convenience in a healthy package.  

Each time we peeled a Clementine, we stuffed the citrus peels into a Mason jar and drowned them in white vinegar.  Once the jar was full, I placed the dome on top, screwed the ring on tight, and refrigerated it for two weeks.  Something magical happens during that two week timespan.  The vinegar becomes thick and super concentrated and it smells so good.  And I'm not going to doesn't taste too bad either!  

Now, whenever I need to clean something {my stovetop, counters, bathtub, or sink}, I simply pull my jar of concentrate from the fridge and mix 1/4 a cup with six to eight cups of hot water.  When I'm finished with my weekly cleaning, I pour more white vinegar on top of the citrus peels and put my jar of concentrate back in the refrigerator.  It couldn't be cheaper, greener, or more convenient.  

Happy Saturday!


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  1. I have been meaning to try this out! I think it'd be so neat, and what a great way to recycle. I love my Mrs. Meyers too!


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