Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Favorites

Fall is by far my favorite season.  I greatly prefer the mild weather to the summer heat that we experience during NEGA summers.  Sometimes it gets so hot here during June, July, and August that I wouldn't be caught off guard to see Satan himself walking around.  So, the temperature drop is greatly welcomed.

Today we celebrated the {slightly} cooler weather by opening up the doors and letting the screens filter fresh air into our home.  Cooler weather isn't the only thing I love about are a few of my top picks:

C is for Callicutt's Fall Favorites:

Is there anything more darling than a creamy white pumpkin?  Rumor on the street is that they last a lot longer than traditional pumpkins, but they are also hard to find.  The possibilities are endless!

Creamy Pumpkin is by far my favorite home scent from Bath & Body Works.  It's rich and sweet smelling and plugging in my Wallflower is so exciting when I've loaded in this particular scent cartridge.  Right now the Creamy Pumpkin candles are on sale, 2 for $20!

The leaves in NEGA are gorgeous this time of year.  We're planning a day trip to the mountains next weekend to check out our local foliage and I cannot wait!  And of course, the leaves make me think of this song.

Another excellent Fall smell is easy to make at home!  I simply add three to four orange peels to two to three cups of water.  Then, I add one tbsp. of cinnamon, a drop of vanilla, and then simmer this "brew" all day long.  It's the perfect cure for a rainy day!

Dried corn is one of my Fall decorating favorites.  My sweet Pop grew a ton of multi-colored corn this year and has it drying in his barn.  I can't wait to get my hands on a few cobs!  

Aren't mums gorgeous?  They make me insanely happy.  My Grandma grows the prettiest mums in the county.  Her secret?  Well...I can't tell!

And of course, nail color selections are the BEST in the Fall.  Don't you agree?

So...what about you?  Is Fall your favorite season?  What are some of your favorite things about this time of year?

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