Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Year...New Goals...Revisited {again}

Y'all, when I fell off the blogging bandwagon, I also failed to revisit my goals for this year.  Let's revisit those and see how we're doing {ps, I'm cringing}.

  • Trim and tone my body:  Meh.  I've lost a few pounds since my holiday began, but only because I have a large glass of lemon water for breakfast and I really don't eat again until suppertime.  It's not that I don't want to eat...but I'm not up and moving about a classroom, so I don't really require the energy that snacking and eating lunch provide.  Secret confession time:  I slip a little cayenne pepper into my lemon water...spicy and delicious!
  • Live as naturally as possible:  I can say without a doubt that we're doing really well with this goal.  I haven't purchased corn-fed beef since January, and we haven't ingested any chicken except all-natural chicken {we like this brand}.  We've also avoided artificial sweeteners and most additives.  It's something we're just going to get better at with time.  In other news, our garden is flourishing...hooray!
  • Grow spiritually:  I've definitely been growing, especially spiritually.  This spring brought about many changes for our little family of two, including a potential move Down East {8 hours away}.  Though I was offered a job, we made the decision that, for the time being, we're sticking with Northeast Georgia.  
  • Learn to sew {and craft more}:  I sewed a button back onto a jacket...does that count??
Josh's goals:
  • Lose weight...lots of weight:  My wife is an awesome cook.  She's like Wonder Woman in the kitchen.  And even though we've been embracing a "clean" living lifestyle, she uses so much butter that it'd make Paula Deen want to smack her mama.  I've lost five pounds.
  • Begin the planning stages of building a house:  We're definitely planning on something pretty spectacular {a little farmhouse surrounded by lots of property}.
  • Grow spiritually:  Court and I have been doing Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.  It's definitely forced me to grow spiritually, especially when you think about stewardship.  If you're not familiar with FPU, check it out.   I'm definitely thankful that Court and I will have all of our finances sorted out and prepared when we decide to have a child in the future.  
  • Get Achilles neutered:  CHECK {thank God}.
  • Be outdoors more:  CHECK {thank God again}.

So there you have it...we haven't been incredibly devoted to meeting our goals, but I'd say we're on track.  Go us!

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