Sunday, June 24, 2012

Disney Dream, Day Two

After a very peaceful night aboard the Disney Dream, we woke up to find this:
It was super exciting!  We quickly showered and got dressed, anxious to spend the day in sunny paradise.  We had several options for breakfast {room service, table service at Royal Palace, or a buffet-style breakfast at Cabanas}.  We decided upon Royal Palace because the restaurant features huge port windows and we wanted to watch the ship dock as we ate.  For a Royal Palace breakfast menu, click here

We both enjoyed several cups of coffee and Josh had a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice while I had tomato juice.  I chose the Disney Cruise Line Trio:  French toast, a Belgian waffle, and buttermilk pancakes served with cinnamon butter, syrup, whipped cream, and bacon.  Josh chose the same and also had a side of freshly-sliced tomatoes. 

We also got some shots of the decor in Royal Palace and of the blue water.

While waiting to be cleared by Customs, we lounged on some comfy deck chairs we found on the running deck.  We were discussing our plans for the day when Josh sort of choked and pointed to our left...ALL of the Disney Princesses were parading by us!  Josh snapped some quick shots as they each greeted us with a very princess-y good morning.

It just goes to show that you never know when or where some magic will appear while on board a Disney Cruise!  After this, Customs cleared us and we disembarked for a Bahamian adventure.
An "under" shot of the AquaDuck.  That's right folks, this water coaster goes off the ship!
I'm going to sound like a snotty brat when I say this, but Nassau is dirty.  In all honesty, we walked about a bit, looked at some diamond studs, stopped off at the straw market, and then left.  We spent maybe an hour on the island.  We'd discussed taking a water taxi over to Atlantis, but we really wanted more time to spend on the ship. 

After our brief tour around town {and a stop at a Starbucks to use a clean restroom}, we headed back to the Dream.

We went to our stateroom to change into our swimsuits and found some pirate gear!
From our verandah, we had an excellent view of Atlantis.
We went to the adult pool/lounge area, The Quiet Cove.  Josh went for a dip in the pool while I chatted up two nice gentlemen who worked at Disney World and were cruising as a mini-vacation.  Eventually, I fell asleep on a lounger after a waiter brought me a bottled water and some fresh fruit {such service!}.  Upon awakening, I found a surprise!
Minnie Mouse was standing next to my deck chair!  I told Minnie's handler that I liked her dress and he explained that it was her birthday!  Then, he offered to snap a photo of the two of us together.  Because almost everyone was on the island, I had Minnie and the deck to myself!
Upon his return, Josh was very jealous!  Once again, you never know when or where you'll find magic aboard a Disney Cruise!  After Josh's swim and my nap, we were both hungry, so we headed to Cabanas for an all-you-care-to-eat luncheon.  The views were great and the food was delicious!  We also tried out the AquaDuck, but pictures are not allowed on the actual water coaster.  It was super fun.  You can check out a video of the AquaDuck here.

After stuffing our faces, we headed back down for an animation class they were offering.  On the way, I posed with Mickey's birthday cake.  Apparently Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto all share the same birthday.
The animation class was a lot of fun.  Of course, Josh was amazing and I was terrible.

On our way back to our stateroom, we spotted some old pals.
We were both sleepy, probably from stuffing our faces, so we ambled back to our stateroom.  Then, we decided to sample the room service know, for the blog.
BLT, chips, tomato soup, and some Coke. 
After a napping and showering, we went to see our next show:  Villain's Tonight.  This show is hilarious...Josh proclaimed it to be his favorite.  After the show, we made our way to Animator's Palate.  You can find an Animator's Palate menu here.

Animator's Palate is especially fun because it's an interactive restaurant...more on that later.

So...that interactive thing I mentioned earlier?  It's awesome!  After the waiter takes drink orders, Nemo and all of his buddies swim around the restaurant and interact with the dinner's very similar to Turtle Talk with Crush.  It was very impressive!

For our appetizers, we each chose something different.  I sampled the Black Truffle Pasta Pursettes.  They were really great.  Josh skipped over the appetizers and went with the Vine Ripened Tomato Salad.

For my entree, I chose the Animator's Trio of Veal.  Josh decided on the Marinated Angus Beef Tenderloin.  Both entrees were delicious!

For dessert, I chose the Sweet Temptations Trio.  Josh went with the Crunchy Walnut Cake.  Both were delicious, though the walnut cake was a bit too sweet for my taste.

After eating our fill, we headed by our stateroom so I could grab my wrap.  It'd gotten a bit chilly.  Maria had already stopped by and filled us in on the next day's activities.  We snagged our pirate gear and got ready to party!
The fireworks at the Pirate Party were awesome!  DCL is the only cruise line in the world that has clearance to have a fireworks show.  While it cannot be compared to a show like IllumiNations, it's still pretty sweet.
Of course, a Pirate Party is not complete without a visit from THE Captain!

After the party, we headed back to the atrium to snap some pictures. 
My pirate :)
Then, it was off to bed for us!  We wanted plenty of sleep to get ready for our day at Castaway Cay!

Next up:  Castaway Cay! 

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