Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Blog Reading

Y'all, I have a confession:  I'm obsessed with reading blogs.  It's just so fun to see how other women are cooking, crafting, and living.  If you're like me and suddenly have tons of free time on your hands {June, July, and August, y'all!}, here's a list of blogs that I currently adore:

 Emily's blog, JDC, is a fabulous place for pretty fabrics, fun crafts, and gorgeous decorating ideas.  She's a Super Mom with some really beautiful ideas.

 The Nester has amazing decorating ideas that are thrifty and sweet.  She's incredibly down-to-earth and offers simple solutions for your home.  The Nester also has awesome decorating tips for renters.

 LeAna's a momma on a mission to make sure her family eats quality foods free from GMOs, chemicals, and other yucky-yucks.  She also has some pretty cute crafts and has awesome furniture revamps!

 Author, photographer, blogger, and advocate Kelle Hampton offers insightful thoughts into parenting, marriage, and raising a child with Down Syndrome.  I've read and raved about her book, Bloom {you should read it!} and I could go on for hours about her blog.  It.  Is.  Amazing.


Joanna Goddard is an uptown girl living in Manhattan with her hubby and toddler.  Her blog {and she updates it often}, offers loads of fashion advice, random thoughts, party ideas, and gourmet recipes.

A Country Farmhouse
 When I read Trina's blog, I'm envious of her entire existence.  She lives in a beautiful farmhouse that she and her husband gutted and renovated.  She has darling twins.  She's a stay-at-home mother.  This blog is perfect for anyone who desires a simplistic view on life.

Laken's a southern gal who has her head on straight!  This wonderful blog {which I only recently stumbled upon} offers an array of heartfelt articles featuring topics like gardening, housekeeping, wedding planning, and philosophy. 
What about y'all?  Are there any other blogs out there that I'm missing out on?  I know for us stay-at-home wives/moms, nothing feels better than sitting back with a cup of tea and catching up on the old blog queue.  Happy reading!

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