Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Y'all, I've fallen off the bandwagon.  I mean, I haven't blogged in MONTHS.  I blame school, mostly because the last month or so has been incredibly busy...posting grades, writing progress reports, packing my stuff up for the summer...the last thing I wanted to do was type more on my computer.  But today is my first day of summer break {hooray!} and I have so many things to share with you!  Let's start with a new favorite recipe:  cauliflower pizza crust.

My Mister loves to make pizza.  It's one of his favorite foods.  In fact, I think he could eat Mellow Mushroom every single day and never get tired of it.  The same cannot be said for his loving wife, but I love to see that boy of mine happy, so I came up with a creative way to make pizza healthier {and super yummy!}.

I've slowly been exploring the world of gluten-free food.  It's a big jump to take, even if you aren't allergic to gluten.  I really do feel that it's the reason for my Mister's tummy troubles, which can often slow us down, so he's been pretty excited about making even more dietary changes to our lifestyle.  We're still eating "clean" {mostly} and those rare occasions when we don't eat "clean," we moan and groan for several hours about how crappy we feel.  If you're considering the switch to an all-natural lifestyle, just try it out for ten days.  You'll never turn back.

Cauliflower Pizza Crust: 
1 large head of cauliflower
1 cup of cheese, grated {I used mozzarella}
1 clove of garlic
Fresh basil
Fresh rosemary
1 egg

What you'll need...
 First, chunk up the cauliflower into more manageable chunks.

 Then, grate those manageable chunks up.  This takes a while and cauliflower gets EVERYWHERE, but it's worth it.

 Then, microwave the cauliflower for 5 to 10 minutes.  You don't have to add anything to the cauliflower...just pop it in there. 
Obviously, cleaning my microwave is not within my skill set.
 Assess your herbage.  Give it all a rough chop.

 Dice up your garlic.

 Then, throw the garlic, herbage, and cheese into the cauliflower.
 Mix, mix, mix...
 Once the cauliflower has cooled, add the egg.  Mix again.
 Oil your pizza stone {or pan} and then dump the "dough."
 Spread with a spoon.
 Now comes the toppings.  I decided to make Pizza Marghertia {my favorite}.  I drizzled the crust with balsamic vinegar and then swirled pesto all the way to the edge.  I topped with slices of fresh mozzarella and sliced tomatoes.

 I baked my pizza for 25 minutes or so at 400 degrees.  If you like a crispier crust, bake it for a few minutes before adding toppings.  I also broiled the cheese for thirty seconds.  Yum.

My stars, it was good.  Pair it with a salad and you're ready for supper!  This was quick and you could even make the crust {or several crusts} ahead of time and freeze them.  Bon appetite, y'all!

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  1. That looks really good! I might have to try this soon!


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