Sunday, March 25, 2012

Celebrating Mondays and Overusing the Word Amazing

I made a decision last week.  I'm not going to be a Monday-hater anymore.  In fact, I'm not going to hate any day of the week.  I came to the realization that regardless of the weekday, I can have a good attitude.  Good attitude=good day.  

On Monday, we celebrated the fact that we're healthy, financially stable, in love, and alive with a picnic.  

P-Dubs chicken spaghetti, y'all.
 And you want to know a secret?  It took me about as long to set up this picnic as it would have to set our dining room table.  

On Tuesday, I painted my fingernails mint green {again}.  I didn't have a special occasion--I painted my nails because I wanted to.
Excuse my old lady hands--they are hereditary.
It took me twenty minutes to paint my nails.  I did it while we watched Frozen Planet {which is amazing, by the way}.

On Wednesday, my students and I celebrated World Down Syndrome Day by posting facts about Down Syndrome around the school.  Then, after a spur of the moment decision, we showed the world how artsy fartsy we can be.  It wasn't part of a lesson plan, unit plan, or any plan {if you're one of my bosses and you're reading this, please don't be mad!}.  We went outside armed with sidewalk chalk and fabulous attitudes and celebrated the fact that we are alive.

The Sun {with pink eyelashes, natch}.
The Moon.
The Earth.
I adore those little hands with my whole, entire heart.
On Thursday, I had the chance to spend time with some of my Anchor Club girls at a Pilot Club function.  It would have been really, really easy to pout about spending my entire Thursday night away from my husband and kitties.  Instead, I got to spend time outside of the school building with some young ladies who are making a difference in their community.  I also networked with some ladies with a little more life experience and ate some amazing chicken salad.  My positive attitude made it a positive evening.  

My ah-mazing Anchor Club girls and my school BFF's {and fellow sponsors}.
On Friday, we indulged in decadently delicious pizza, oh-so-fattening Vanilla Coke, and The Hunger Games.  If I had to describe our double-date with Mike & Lanie in one word, it would be fabulous.

Y'all, it was absolutely wonderful.
On Saturday, Josh had an all-day training in Winder.  I took the opportunity to drink loads of green tea, cuddle with my kitties, and I also planted all of my herbage for the summer.  It felt wonderful to get my hands dirty, pull my little wagon around the rows and rows of plants at the nursery, and become immersed in something so alive.  Gardening=my new favorite.

Italian Basil and Lemon Basil

English Thyme and Rosemary
Wind chime--tuned to the key of E

English Lavender and French Tarragon

During my spring break, I'll begin planting my heirloom tomatoes, peppers, squash, and zucchini.  I literally cannot wait. 

The point of this entire entry is this:
Buy a bottle of sparkling something.  Use frozen strawberries as ice cubes.  Paint your fingernails for no other reason than the sake of feeling feminine.  Surprise your spouse.  Make sidewalk chalk art.  Paint things.  Grow things.  Watch little penguins build nests and waddle over Antarctica.  Do what makes you feel happy, healthy, and whole.  And above all else, do it with a positive attitude.  We only get one would be a shame to waste it with decades of negativity and bad attitudes.   

Join us this week for Josh's super secret salsa recipe {seriously, he might be disowned for sharing it} and my homemade marinara sauce recipe {it is the BEST, y'all}.  We're back on the blogging bandwagon and couldn't be happier!  Also, show our ads some love!  Thanks for reading! 

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