Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I Love Wednesday

Y'all, I mentioned yesterday that I'm on a week-long winter holiday.  It's the most fabulous thing I've ever experienced.  I have all the time in the world to read, clean house, and bake {though I only actually enjoy two of those things}.  Tomorrow we're leaving for Boone to get our ski {or in the Mister's case, snowboard} on.  I'm taking a boatload of books and some craft supplies because skiing in 50 degree weather is not for me.  Thankfully, Mike's girlfriend Lanie will be in the lodge to keep me company :)

This Wednesday, I'm loving:

This amazing, perfect dress from Shop Ruche {my latest online obsession} :

I love that it's like a bad mullet:  business in the front, par-tay in the back.  It's lady-like and subtly sexy.
Is this Lily Pulitzer phone case not adorable?  It's functional and aesthetically pleasing!  
Josh would like me to say that he's loving his new copy of Manvotionals, a book compiled by the bloggers at The Art of Manliness.  Josh said that he likes that they aren't devotionals, but instead, essays from men throughout history.  Recently, he read an essay by Jack London that he loved.  Check this book out for the man or men in your life.

So, it's Day One of my meat-free existence, and it was actually fairly easy thanks to lunch at a little restaurant called The Grit.  It features a totally vegetarian menu {with some vegan items as well}.  Today, Megan, Josh, and I downed meatless hotdogs with bean chili, whole-grain loaded nachos {delish!}, spicy mushroom Thai noodle soup, and the BEST salsa I've ever tasted.  Josh proclaimed that he'd become a vegetarian if he could eat at The Grit everyday.  If you're in Athens and you're looking for something tasty, give this place a shot.  It's likely you won't even notice that you're not chowing down on meat.  

And last but not least, I'm LOVING my new ombré hair color!  I've had plain, dark hair for so long that when I woke up this morning I kind of freaked to see all that blonde mixed in with the brunette.  I've gotten tons of positive comments and I feel confident in the {kind of scary} change.  Thanks to Wendy at The Hair Studio for making this a possibility!  

BEFORE {Plain Jane brown hair}
AFTER {subtle, beachy, blondish waves}.  It was a good change.
That's all I have for the WILW.  What are you loving this Wednesday?

P.S.  If you'd like to make an appointment at The Hair Studio, call {706} 245-0992.  There are 6 stylists and they are all fabulous! 

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