Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I Love Wednesday

Is it Wednesday already?  I feel like this week has just zipped on by...and it's already February!  Can y'all believe it?  This week, I am totally in love with:


All of the Toms ballet flats belong in my closet and on my feet.  I seriously want them all.


In other news, I'm also loving my Mary Kay products this week.  This makeup company has come a long way since my childhood.  Here are some products I'm currently using {and obsessed with}.

This Timewise Miracle set is perfect!  I actually enjoy removing my makeup at night.  Each day, you wash, moisturize, and replenish with either a night serum or a day serum.  The best part?  The day serum has an SPF of 20, so my skin is protected every single day!
 This Timewise Luminous foundation is made to complement the Miracle set.  I have dry skin, and the "dry" skin formula is nourishing.  It also has a slight sheen to it that makes my skin look nice and dewy.
For Christmas, I received an eye bundle of shadows that are each made to complement my green eyes.  I snap them into a compact that looks like this:
What about you?  Are you a drugstore, makeup counter, or Mary Kay girl?  I've tried a little bit of everything.  Because of my dry skin {and my eczema}, I find that Mary Kay is best for me.  I have an excellent relationship with my rep {learn more about her below} and the products are moderately priced {perfect for a school teacher's budget}.  

If you ARE a Mary Kay girl, I have a very unique opportunity for you {I promise this isn't a sales pitch!}.

My friends Vicki and Vince Welch {along with their daughters, Madison and Mackenzie} are moving to Tanzania on March 1st.  They are part of EIT, a missions organization that is making waves in Africa.  Click here to learn more about it.  

My Mary Kay rep, Yaritza Pluguez is hosting an online party from now until Sunday, February 5th.  For everything you purchase from her site {find it here} this week, she'll be donating 50% of the proceeds to the Welch family.  This money will make their transition to Tanzania seamless. 

Why not consider purchasing your next lip gloss, facial toner, or blush from Mary Kay?  Essentially, you're paying for the product and giving to missions.  You get to feel beautiful and help this family follow God's will for their lives!  If you're interested, simply click this link and start shopping!  Once you're ready to purchase your items, simply type Welch Family in the "message" portion and Yartiza will make sure your donation makes it to Vince and Vicki! 

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