Friday, February 24, 2012

High Five for Friday

Y'all I'm joining up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk for this week's High Five for Friday.  Today, I'm blogging from an awesome condo in Banner Elk, North Carolina and the Mister is itching to get his snowboard on!  Here are the five highlights that made this week awesome.

1.  No school this week!  Please believe me when I say that teachers enjoy breaks like this even more than students.  I was on the edge of burning out last week, so this wonderful nine day break {including the weekends} has been an epic blessing!  Jordan and I have walked, made a Target run, and we bought Abigail her first pair of sunglasses...too cute!

2.  The Lenten season is upon us and Josh and I are both denying ourselves from basic things that we would normally chow down on without thinking twice.  I've given up all meat and/or meat products.  The Mister has sworn off sugar {gasps!}.  So far, it's been harder for him because sugar is his life, y'all.  On Ash Wednesday we both reflected on our particular fasts together and separately and observed the day by not ingesting any meat products.  He did take me to The Grit in Athens, a totally vegetarian restaurant that was DE-LISH. 

3.  We got to eat at The Brick Oven last night.  It's a family tradition that we eat here every year while we're skiing and boy it was delicious!  The meat eaters sampled the buffalo chicken pizza while the non-meat eaters enjoyed the excellent pizza margherita.  It was yummy, yummy, yummy!

Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Pizza Margherita
Lanie and Mike

The Mister and I

 4.  My MIL {Mother in Law} lent me a religious text to read for the month of March.  It isn't as deep as Mere Christianity which was a difficult read.  I'm excited to start it!
I'm definitely going to try and read this in a month so I can meet my resolution requirements.
5.  I watched the latest trailer for Brave {the latest Disney/Pixar production} and was all like, "Yeah!  Girl power!"  I cannot wait until this movie comes out!  Click this link to see all the trailers. 

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