Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I Love Wednesday

It feels good to be back to a regular blogging schedule...I won't start working again until Friday but I think that schedule will be very welcome as well.  I function well on a very structured timetable so teaching school is the best!  

Oh my stars, Josh got one of these bad boys from his parents for Christmas and he is hooked!  I didn't realize that grown men still loved toys, but this little helicopter is pretty sweet.  Buyer beware:  it gets stuck in hair.  Don't ask.

Holy preppy purse, Batman!  I fell in love with this purse from the instant I opened it on my MIL's couch.  Holy cow, it is perfect.  It holds all my junk and looks nice and pretty.  Plus, it matches brown and need to do that quick exchange in the back of my car!

I have never, ever been good at styling hair.  I don't own a curling iron and if I did, I wouldn't be able to use it.  All I can manage is my natural curly/wavy hair and occasionally using a straightener.  Then...I discovered the sock bun.  Holy smokes, it's so easy!  Low, high, to the side, it doesn't matter...the sock bun is simple and chic, chic, chic.  Plus, the dirtier your hair, the easier it is.  Holler!

I'm not trying to be gross, but when my husband saw this trailer he almost peed his pants.  You see, that sweet boy of mine has an obsession with Batman that would put most geeks and nerds to shame.  He loves Batman.  He breathes Batman.  Heck, I think he is Batman.  He's so anxious about this story that it kind of makes me giggle {but don't tell him that!}.

Josh and I recently watched both of these documentaries.  Food Inc kind of terrified me.  It caused Josh to make one of those blanket when-we-have-kids statements, but I really think he'll stick to it.  Food {good food} should be food, not a science project.  We have a new rule in the Callicutt home:  if you can't pronounce something on the ingredient list, it's not worth eating.  This rules out lots of fun foods or it forces us to find all-natural substitutes.  In short:  take your vitamins, eat raw foods {lots of raw foods}, and eat as naturally as possible.

via I need, need, need this print for my kitchen.
I'm so ready for the Athens Farmer's Market in April!  Though we will be growing some of our produce this summer {see below}, the Farmer's Market will be an excellent place to stock up on other little all-natural goodies.  I'm also planning on hitting up the Lavonia Farmer's Market once it opens.  The neat thing about the Athens Farmer's Market?  They double the value of food stamps so that good nutrition is available to all.  How awesome is that?

*Sorry I sounded like Robin, the Boy Wonder today.  Perhaps it's because what I'm really loving this Wednesday is this:

Haven't seen it?  You haven't lived.


  1. If you ever find yourself in Atlanta, try to find time to go to the Dekalb Farmer's Market. It's open every day year round ('cept turkey day and Christmas) and they have tons of snacks with delightfully short and pronounceable ingredient lists as well as an entire grocery store's size section of fruits and veggies, really, REALLY cheap spices, and all of the grass fed beef you can ask for. It's my favorite place to shop even though it's farther away than Publix or Kroger.

    p.s. If you want to continue your food documentary trend, check out King Corn...

  2. Court- my hubby got a helicopter from my father-in-law last year and grew obsessed quickly. This year he got another helicopter and two remote controlled cars!! Boys never grow out of toys so beware what may be started!!


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