Monday, January 30, 2012

Typhoid: It's Not Just On the Oregon Trail

So, I've been doing some research.  And by research, I totally mean I just used Wikipedia and WebMD.  Methods aside, I've learned a lot about a terrible disease called Typhoid. 

I mean, I wasn't unaware of what Typhoid is.  If you grew up in the 80's and 90's, you are probably familiar with this image:

Typhoid is a fairly common bacterial disease.  In fact, it's way more common than the Oregon Trail would have you believe.  Though it is mostly eradicated in the U.S. of A., Typhoid is still a dangerous threat in many countries.  To avoid being crude {because the stages of the disease can be slightly graphic}, I'm just going to provide a link to the CDC's website.  You can read all about it here

For IPHC Missionaries Kevin and Summer Sneed, Typhoid is very real part of their day-to-day lives.  Kevin the the director of the East Africa Bible College and lives in Eldoret, Kenya with his wife, Summer.  Recently, the wife of a teacher at the college became infected with Typhoid fever and the school spent $500 to help her get better. 

After this occurrence, Kevin did a little investigating and discovered that a preventative vaccine for Typhoid is only $10.  Compared to $500, that's just a drop in the bucket. 

I'm no idiot.  I know that money is tight for everyone.  In today's economy, it's difficult to imagine spending any extra money on things that are not necessary.  But to provide vaccinations for the entire school, it's only going to cost $250.  Imagine what a gift of $5 or $10 could do to make a difference in Kenya.  It's just something to consider before sealing up your offering envelope on Sunday morning. 

If you'd like to send a monetary donation to Kevin and Summer at the East Africa Bible College, contact Kevin at  To view their directory page, click here.

Do you guys remember this post from a few weeks ago?  Good news!  Nella and her family reached their goal of raising $200,000 just in time for her birthday!  It's so wonderful to know that so many people across the United States advocated for the needs of others with a simple donation.  I hope that next year {when little Nella turns 3}, her family is able to raise even more money for the NDSS. Happy Birthday, Nella!

Josh and I have a super busy week ahead of us, but we'll be here with many of our normal features.  Thank you to everyone taking time from busy schedules to share in our lives.  The feedback we've received lately is incredibly encouraging.  Blogging is now a big part of our lives, and we wouldn't have it any other way.  Join us this week for all of our regular features plus a fun spicy Thai noodle recipe that I cannot wait to share!  I'll also be sharing my thoughts on Mere Christianity and {once our Mac comes home from the hospital}, we'll FINALLY be sharing our experiences from aboard the Disney Dream!  

Happy Monday, y'all!

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