Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Phone Dump

This week in our world...

We listened to Mumford, I wore red lipstick {and brought back the blunt bangs for one last go-around}, and No. 2 took a dunk in the tub. 

We wished each other a Happy New Year, we ate as much pasta as humanly possible before the start of our diet, and Josh got a robe.

We crammed in a lot of date nights, we have new calves, No. 2 was pensive, and No. 1 sunbathed.

In other news:
  • Downton Abbey is the best show I've seen in a long time.  It has everything one could desire in a show {great costumes, awesome cast, British accents, and drama}, but it isn't overtly sexy or inappropriate.  In fact, I can't recall any "bad" words used at all {unless you count bloody...I don't}.  Season One is available on Netflix Instant Queue and Season Two begins THIS Sunday at 8 p.m. on PBS.  Thank you, Masterpiece Classics!
  • We have a butt-ton of laundry to do.  Sad face.
  • We've kept to our diet this week and greatly enjoyed our "splurge" night last night.  I ate bread!  I ate red meat!  I went 295 calories over my daily allotment!  It.  Was.  Fantastic.  
  • A raw foods diet is easy.  Why?  When you don't cook anything, you don't have to wash any dishes.  
  • If you're giving up sodas and still need a caffeine outlet, all-natural green tea is a good bet.
  • Jordan is having her baby on Wednesday!
  • We are still obsessed with How I Met Your Mother.
Random ramblings for a lazy Saturday.  I hope you enjoy yours as much as I plan on enjoying mine.  We're making homemade laundry detergent, y'all!  Tutorial to come!

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