Saturday, January 28, 2012

Resolution Revisit No. 1

There are many pros and cons to sharing your life with others on the internet.  Sometimes you end up sharing something you really didn't mean to {con}.  Sometimes, people say nice things about your home or husband {pro}.  Then there are those times when people leave nasty comments {con}.  But that all gets balanced out when I remember how very accountable blogging can make me {pro, pro, PRO}.

In an effort to actually keep up with our yearly resolutions, we decided to do a monthly check-in.  If you need a refresher on our goals, click here.

Josh's Goals:
  • Lose weight...lots of weight:  Working on it!  I've only lost five pounds, but I'm gaining lots of muscle mass.  Court and I are really sticking to our all-natural/raw foods diet and it feels great.
  • Begin the planning stages of building a house:  We picked out a plan.  Click here to see it.
  • Grow spiritually:  I've found that I'm seeking God more and more.  It's nice to have an overwhelming peace.
  • Get Achilles neutered:  Not yet...
  • Be outdoors more:  Working on that too.  Court and I have enjoyed several long walks out of doors.  If only the weather would cooperate.  Spring and summer will be the time when I really put this resolution to work.
Court's Goals:
  • Trim and tone my body:  I'm working so hard on this one!  Next week, I'll reveal exactly what is keeping me motivated.  I've followed my workout schedule every single day this week.  If you know me, you probably think that last statement was a lie.  It isn't.  Truth:  nothing is as satisfying as sore muscles.
  • Live as naturally as possible:  Since we made our resolutions, Josh and I have ONLY purchased certified organic and/or all-natural groceries.  We've become very organized about meal times and try to get everything portioned, chopped, bagged, etc. each Sunday afternoon.  I've already made my own laundry detergent and I've done loads of researching for my box garden and my free-range chickens.  After TSA season is over, my Dad and I will be putting in my garden, putting up my clothesline, and building my chicken train.  No worries...I'll share every step of the process :)
  • Grow spiritually:  Like my hubby, I've been pushing myself to pray about my problems as much as I talk about them.  I haven't started Mere Christianity...yet...but I'm literally moments away from going to Barnes & Noble.  Hopefully I can knock this one out before February 1st!
  • Learn to sew {and craft more}:  I'm currently attempting to finish this wreath project.  I'm telling you's taking a lot longer than I originally planned!  I'm also about to attempt this embroidery project. 
To our readers, family, and friends:  THANK YOU for keeping us accountable.  For every person at work, at the grocery store, or on the street asking about our resolutions, THANK YOU for keeping us accountable.  We're on our way to a healthier life.

In other news, thank you for all of the sincere emails, comments, texts, tweets, and Facebook messages about this post.  It took a lot to write and publish so many intimate and personal thoughts, but the feedback made it worth it. 

Phone dump time:

Don't know who Pete the Cat is?  Click here.

All-natural turkey burger with sauteed mushrooms and peppers on a whole wheat pita.  Yum.
Weekly chalkboard inspiration.
Current vinyl obsession. 

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