Monday, January 16, 2012

Gardening Inspiration

I'm SO ready for Spring to get here.  I swear, if the Groundhog sees his shadow I'll totally mount him and hang him on my wall.

For the record, I won't mount Bill Murray on my wall.
All violence aside, Spring is my second favorite season behind Fall.  I love sundresses, sandals, shorts, pastels, daffodils, green grass, sunshine, and the end of football/basketball {both college level and professional}.  In keeping with my New Year's resolutions, this Spring will be quite significant because it will be my first time trying my hand out at gardening.

I grew up helping my grandparents and parents with their respective gardens.  My Pop Calvin keeps it traditional with a plain old in-the-dirt gardener.  My dad spices it up with a box garden.  Between the two of them, they grow everything except carrots and broccoli, so our pantries have always been well-stocked.  This year, Josh and I are planning on growing:

Bibb Lettuce

Jubilee tomatoes

Beefsteak tomatoes

French breakfast radishes

Prolific straightneck squash







Purple bell peppers
Green and red bell peppers


And as far as looks go, I really think I'm leaning towards a raised box garden.  It looks nice and clean and I'm hoping to con my husband into making an adorable little fence to go round it.

And cute little touches like these bad boys?  Classic:
And instead of hanging ferns from the arches on our patio, I'm thinking something like this will be more appropriate:
Obviously, if I'm going to garden, I'll need the proper footwear:
Take the hint, Josh.  PLEASE, babe...take the hint!
And to go along with my awesome footwear, I'll need a chambray shirt:
See this, Josh?  I could take out a billboard, but this is cheaper.
This hairstyle will be perfect for early mornings in the hot Georgia sun:
Who knew growing vegetables could be so fetching??  

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