Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Different is BEAUTIFUL

As many of you may know, I'm a special education teacher.  I teach children with moderate intellectual disabilities.  I work with a range of disabilities, including Down Syndrome.  Down Syndrome {referred to as Trisomy 21 in my business} means that a child has an extra chromosome thrown into the mix.  This results in many things, including mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. 

In Kathryn Stockett's super popular novel The Help, Abileen Clark reminds her charge Mae Mobley, "You is kind.  You is smart.  You is important." 

What a wonderful reminder that everyone is capable of something...that everyone can accomplish something...that different is beautiful.  

As a blogger, I obviously love reading other blogs.  One of my favorites is  She's light, funny, quirky, and super entertaining.  She's also a young mom raising a daughter with Down Syndrome.  Last year, her daughter Nella turned one.  To celebrate, Kelle and her family raised $100,000 for the NDSSThis year, Kelle and her family have set a goal of $200,000 for Nella's second birthday.  They are only $40,000 away from reaching that goal.

100% of the money donated will go straight to the NDSS.  What if you gave up your Starbucks coffee or breakfast biscut for one day and donated that money?  What if you sent a little money Nella's way instead of buying that App you've been checking out?  Even the tiniest donation can make a huge difference in a child's life. 

Your money can serve as a reminder that that an extra chromosome can't limit a child...that all people deserve to be reminded that they are smart, kind, and important...that different is beautiful.

To donate to Nella's 2 for 2 fund, click here.   

To pre-order Kelle Hampton's upcoming book, Bloom, click here

To learn more about what my students do each day, click here.

To learn more about Down Syndrome, click here

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  1. Now you have made me cry just before I leave for school.



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