Thursday, November 3, 2011


We've been unbelievably negligent of our blog this week.  We didn't post a Movie Monday, a What We Ate Wednesday, or a Thankful Thursday this week...and we still haven't updated about our major weekend to-do list.  But to be quite honest, it's 10:30 on a "school night" and I just slid a loaf of banana nut bread and pumpkin bread into the oven.  I also just placed a pan of hot chocolate candies in the fridge to cool.  {Michael Kent, I hope you know that I love you!}  This week has been INSANE and tomorrow we're going to be painting our living and dining room...why not bring the insanity to a whole new level?!?

So, though we've been quite naughty, I want to assure you that things will be back to normal next week.  Thanks for bearing with us.  I leave you with a few of my {most current} favorite things:

The TARDIS has landed and the Doctor is in...I've already progressed from Doctor No. 9 to Doctor No. 10!

Creamy of my favorite fall scents!

These bad boys are currently cooling in the refrigerator.  You can grab the recipe on my Pinterest board {Yummy}.

My new classroom motto.  The kids are going to LOVE this {insert sarcasm...he he he}.

We've got a pretty relaxed weekend coming up.  We're going to:
  • Paint the living and dining room.  I'm tired of green.
  •  Pull out the Christmas decor.  I know, it's November.  Don't judge us.
  • Hang out with La & Lis & Kellyn {happy dance!!}.
Au revoir, y'all!

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