Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I. Hate. Packing.

Side note:  Tomorrow is the big day!  We're leaving for Port Canaveral!  

I love making lists.  I hate packing clothes.  These two things should really go hand-in-hand but I guess I'm sort of freak of nature.  If I had a million dollars, I'd totally hire two people full time.  One would peel jumbo boiled shrimp for me 24/7 and the other would pack my bags whenever I so desired.

Wouldn't that be perfect?

But I'm only a second year teacher.  Guess I'll stick to peeling my own shrimp and packing my own bags.  Le sigh.  Because I'm an awesome procrastinator, here's a picture list of essentials that we're taking on our cruise. 

All 31 hours of Narnian magic ready for our listening pleasure.  Josh has actually never read ANY of The Chronicles of Narnia, so we're really excited about listening to this.  

I'm pasty white for a reason...I use this sunscreen before heading into the great outdoors.  It's not greasy, it provides great all-day protection, and it doesn't bother my super sensitive skin.

I am not a photographer.  I do not pretend to be a photographer.  Thankfully, I have a husband with a degree in such things.  Plus, this camera is the bomb.  Thanks, Mom!

This camera is way more my speed.  Lame.   

I should really buy stock.
Anybody have any cruising tips for us?  Is there something we should be packing that we haven't? 

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