Saturday, November 5, 2011

Currahee Military Museum

Okay ladies, how many of your husbands are obsessed with this:

That's what I thought.  I purchased the boxed set for Josh several Valentine celebrations back {we were still dating} and he still loves watching this tribute to WWII heroes.

Me?  Not so much.  This miniseries is very well made, but war movies and television shows make my anxiety levels jump.  I get too attached to characters only to have them blown up, stabbed, beaten, or captured.  And then I have to go through this mourning process {even most cases the characters are fictional}.  It's like reading/watching Beth March and Melanie Wilkes die over and over and over again.

What I didn't know about Band of Brothers is that a lot of the story is based only 20 miles from our house.  What?!?  I started doing a little research and after talking to the smartest man on the planet {my Pop} I discovered that there is a whole museum dedicated to the Easy Company.  With last month being Josh's birthday month, I decided to surprise him with a little visit to the Currahee Military Museum.  

Parachute canopy.  Josh decided that we need one in our home.

This really had nothing to do with anything.  I just love that they were trained, excited, armed, and THEN turned loose on the Nazis.  

He was really excited about his surprise.

Can you tell I'd been crying?  I cried pretty much through the whole museum.*

In front of Easy Company's barn {shipped over from England}.  He is making a funky face here, but I promise, he had a good time!

One thing I ADORED about this museum was the large collection of WWII posters.  They are vintage looking, graphic, and bright {which is probably why I love them}.  I've already got Rosie the Riveter hanging in my I feel like I need a few more pieces somewhere in our home.  

Wouldn't these be cool somewhere:

*The reason I cried while visiting this museum:

Do you guys remember Molly McIntire?  You know, the American Girl who lived during WWII and had braids {that once you took out, you could never get back} and glasses:

Molly was my second AG doll and I loved her because the home front of the United States during WWII was greatly detailed in her stories.  As a child, I knew all about loose lips sinking ships and Victory Gardens and woman going to work because I lived it vicariously through Molly.  

As I strolled through the museum, I realized how united Americans were during WWII.  They grew Victory Gardens:

Women stopped wearing nylons:

And children collected scrap metal:

War is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing, but we live in a world filled with sin {which, I believe, means we live in a world of war}.  So here's my reason for crying:  the men of Easy Company had no choice in jumping out of planes and killing Nazis.  They were drafted.  And America stood behind them with home front war efforts.  

Boys these days still have to sign up for the draft {even though we technically don't have one}, but joining a branch of the armed forces is a choice.  They choose to protect our freedoms.  They choose to put their lives and families on hold.  They choose to risk their lives so that others {like you and I} can live safely.  

So, where's the home front for them?

Where are the Victory Gardens?  Where is the united support of this nation?  WHERE ARE THE MOLLY MCINTIRES??  

I feel like we need a little throwback in this nation.  A little return to canning and growing VGs and supporting one another.  I don't know who, what, when, or where, but when I do...I'll let y'all know.  

{Rant over}

If you'd like to visit the Currahee Military Museum, check out their website.  It's open daily.  

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  1. I have cried reading this blog post. You are so correct, our nation has become morally bankrupt, with no honor and no patriotism.


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