Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend, Interrupted

Okay, so we're a little bummed.  We were supposed to spend the weekend here:

I'm a Georgia native, so I've been to Stone Mountain many, many times.  Josh the Transplant, however, has not.  So we planned this super romantic weekend getaway full of hiking and leisurely breakfasts...the whole nine yards.  And then we remembered that Josh has a work obligation that he cannot miss.

So now I'm scrambling to find some fun things to do at home.  Our new plan is to lock the doors, turn the lights off, switch our phones to silent, and pretend we're not in N.E. Georgia.  I guess instead of a mini vacation we will have a mini staycation.  Here's my list so far:

Pumpkin ideas:

As for those grown-up forts:

This certainly looks colorful and cozy!

And this is just lovely.

This one seems appropriate for the season.

This will probably be our style.

For our dinner date, I'm thinking...

The Last Resort


Dr. Who:

Watch these two classics (coming in from Netflix just in time for the weekend!):

Dance around to this:

We may or may not have already checked this off our to-do list...

Fun & Funky antiques we'll be looking for:

Milk glass!

Old silver

Funky old frames to repurpose into chalkboards (I'm obsessed) 

And of course, Josh will be looking for these:

What are your plans for the last weekend of October?  Can you believe it's almost November already?!?

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