Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fashion 101: Disney Style

A few weeks ago, I schooled you on proper Disney World attire.  Now, thanks to Pinterest and Miss Ali Barnes, I've discovered the coolest Polyvore set I've ever seen.  Check it out!  <----Click on this link to go directly to the site.  You're probably going to waste an hour clicking through, so be sure you've got some free time on your hands!

Snow White

Basically, this blogger pulls together different elements to create an outfit totally based on a single Disney character.  How awesome is that?
Just in time for Halloween!


I think I know some other "ugly" stepsisters who'd rock this look...

This particular Polyvore blogger will usually focus on one movie and create several looks.  She even focuses on some crazy obscure characters that only the most die-hard fan might recognize.  Sometimes she'll even focus on the setting of a movie to create an outfit.  How awesome is that??

She even has some guy looks for that manly-Disney-man in your life.

So, what do you think?  Could you rock a Disney-inspired outfit?  

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