Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dream Home

A few weeks ago, I wrote a Thankful Thursday blog all about our current rental home and why we love it.  And I really was being totally sincere.  But that sincerity still doesn't take away the anxiety of feeling semi-permanent.  Like, I know we won't be in my great-grandparent's home long term, but I'd really like to know exactly how long long term actually is.

We know we want to build one day...we're just not sure where and when.  And up until recently, we also weren't sure in what we want.  But the more we talk about it, the more we want to make some plans.  So here are some things we've decided...

We really like craftsman style homes.  We also like Victorian style homes.

Practically perfect Victorian model.

Bob Vila would just die...

If we could kind of create a Victorian/Craftsman love child, we'd be in business.  We're still figuring that one out.  Here are a few things we know we want:

White trim and dark wood (and window seats!)

Mudroom madness, for Josh's gunky yard clothes

Claw foot tub for the master bath

Built in shelving

Subway tile

Exposed shelving

Cozy nooks

What would be in your dream home?

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  1. Everything you have listed here would be in my fantasy dream house. I also want an awesome garden and a reading room in the attic. Arched doorways and exposed brick also do it for me.


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