Saturday, October 15, 2011

Disney Disappointment

So, I did something really, really lame recently.  I sent in an application for the Disney Moms Panel.  This is a service that has been in place for several years at the World.  Basically, a panel of Disney enthusiasts answer question via a Disney blog.  You don't have to be female and you don't even have to be a mom.  Last year, they even had a Disney Dad serve on the board.

Perfect job for me, right?

It's not a paid position.  It's more like an honor.  And I'm a mommy to two very adorable kitties, so why not?

Presh, right?

So, I applied for it.  And I received a rejection email last week.  Bummer to the max.

BUT...I've read online that most people don't even receive a rejection email.  So they probably read my application and possibly considered it.

That's a start...right??

Anyways...I'm going to apply again next year and the next.  Maybe one day I'll make it onto the panel.  Fingers crossed!    

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