Friday, October 21, 2011

Cruising for a Fashion Bruising

You guys, we are less than a month away from our Disney Cruise on the brand spanking new Disney Dream.  LESS THAN A MONTH!

I cannot wait to be here:

Or here:

And I especially cannot wait to be here:

But all of these fancy looking places require some fancy looking duds and a well-coiffed me.  So I've been doing a little online shopping.  

I got this for our day in Nassau.  We're going to spend the morning exploring Atlantis and then possibly get a couple's massage in the afternoon (oooooo-lala!).
I'm pairing this with my floppy hat and mile-high wedge heels.  Fun in the island sun!

I cannot wait to wiggle my toes in the Castaway Cay sand.  Josh booked the Castaway Cay getaway package for us and I cannot wait!  I got this little number... cover up this little number:
Can I purchase her abs too?  'Cause that would be good for me.

For our supper fancy dinner night, I bought this black dress:

I'm going to pair it with my black ruffled heels.  I just need some blingy earrings...but I'll probably just end up wearing the same old chunky pearls that I always wear.  I'm pretty consistent.  

As for hairstyles, I'm probably going to rock my Zooey Deschanel bangs-n-waves do in Nassau and at Castaway Cay.  It's super simple (using my Chi) and unless it pours rain, it doesn't do anything crazy.  But for the fancy night, I'd love to attempt something like this:

or this:

or even this:

(P.S.  All of these hairstyles are courtesy of Kate over at The Small Things Blog.  Check out her awesome tutorials.  She's a fellow cat lady!)

What do y'all think?  And what would YOU take on a Disney Cruise in November?

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