Saturday, October 29, 2011


I try really hard not to get political.  It's not polite and I've inserted my foot into my big, fat mouth many a time.  But the Occupy Wall Street protests occurring around our nation really confuse me.  Peaceful protests are fine.  I've even been a participant in a peaceful protest or two.  But I don't understand the message #OccupyWallStreet is trying to spread.  Probably because I (like Walt Disney) believe in Capitalism.  Anyways...I digress...when I think of poverty, I think of this:

Is middle America really this poor?  I don't think so.  

Do you live in a slum?  Probably not.  

This is a choice.
This is a choice.
This is a choice.

This is not.

Maybe I'm speaking out of turn here, but I think we are a blessed nation.  It's just something to think about...

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  1. I have been following the #OWS movement with great interest and support it. I think the Declaration of Occupation is a good place to start reading to understand more about what the protestors are all about. I think, and this is just my personal take on it, that the protestors do think that this is a fortunate nation, but it's one that is being grossly misused by corporate greed and policies made by the rich to keep social reproduction going strong so they can remain rich. I don't think it's a protest against capitalism. that's the link to the OWS declaration. It's just a start, there's a ton of stuff online that will shed light on the subject.

    As for poverty? The number of people who live in deplorable conditions in this country, who go hungry, who cannot afford healthcare, is probably far greater than you or I can fully understand because we are lucky to be among the more fortunate and our perspective is biased by that.

    Anyway, I'm not jumping on your case, and I hope I haven't overstepped by posting all this. As always, love your blog.



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