Saturday, September 3, 2011

Who, What, When, Why, Wear? What to Wear at WDW.

I get this question ALL the time: What should I wear to Disney World?

I could make this a really short blog update and say that you should wear what feels comfortable.

But that wouldn't be any fun!

I love to be comfy. One of my supervising professors in college didn't even recognize me during an observation because I usually looked like such a slob in class. I have a drawer full of sweatpants and, no worries, I put those bad boys to good use. And while it may be comfortable to peruse the wonders of Walt Disney World in track pants, it's a public place people. Jeans can be just as comfortable as those Juicy Couture sweats, believe me.

Depending on the time of year you're visiting the World, a variety of wardrobe choices may be appropriate. Obviously in the summer, shorts, light colored capri pants, and strappy tops are a must. I also like wearing sundresses if the weather is toasty. Josh couldn't understand this until I explained that dresses can be quite breezy. On our honeymoon, I wore a sundress almost every day. Here are some cute examples of appropriate spring/summer looks for Disney World:

Cute sundress=light and breezy

This is PERFECT for a day at EPCOT. The denim jacket would be great for those chilly theaters and a late night smooch while watching IllumiNations.

Super cazh, super cute.

A summer scarf is light and not at all cumbersome. Super cute.

Can't forget a pair of these!

What's that you say? You're traveling during the fall/winter? Well I have some cutie patootie ideas for that too! Fall/Winter in Orlando is usually mid-seventies throughout the day, but things can get a little chilly once the sun goes down (especially if you're watching Fantasmic...the spray from the water makes you feel cold!). Here are some of my ideas:

Neutral colors, soft materials, comfy walking boots.

Tie the sweater over your shoulders during the day, slip on at night.

Yet another example of a light scarf. Perfect for fall weather.

During October, shorts would probably still be appropriate.

And last but not least:
A note on footwear:
DO NOT wear flip flops. You'll hate yourself. Instead, pack some cute walking sneakers, Mary Jane Crocs, Chacos, or comfy walking boots. Here are some of my favorites:

Okay, so maybe Chacos aren't that fashion forward. I still love them.

Adorable little walking sneakers.

Um, can you guys BELIEVE these are Crocs???

Gorgeous walking boot. Ugh.

In this blog post, I said that you should probably get one of these to hold your Key to the World cards, Photo Pass cards, ID's, and debit cards. You could also be a little more festive and get one of these:

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your taste), these Dooney & Bourke wristlets can be a little pricey. Right now these cuties are on sale here for $44.95.

While we're on the subject of Disney products, let me show you a few of my favorites. And just a disclaimer, I'm not really big on wearing Disney stuff. I have a few shirts and a Mickey Mouse Club sweatshirt, but I'm not the type to rock my Disney wear AT Disney World.

Pair this with a blue gingham shirt, jeans, and flats. Sweet!

Okay, so I actually own this shirt. Paired with an over-sized cardigan, skinny jeans, and black flats and it's a legit outfit.

And maybe I own this shirt too. But only because we have to wear green on Fridays.

Annnnddd...I own these too.

How cute would this be with a chunky scarf, skinny jeans, and flats?

This might be from the kid's section. But I can still shop there. Isn't this shirt awesome??
What are some things that YOU like to wear to Walt Disney World? Are you more track pants and hoodie or skinnies and sweater?

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