Saturday, July 9, 2011

Operation Bring Back Hats and Be Fabulous

In a break from all things Disney, let's focus on a new initiative founded by my dear friend (and fellow Disneyholic) Stephanie McLamb and I. Operation Bring Back Hats and Be Fabulous.

Reasons American Girls Should Wear Hats:
1. It's classy. And in this country of Hollister cut-offs with pockets hanging out and exposed bra straps, let's face it...we could do with a little class.
2. Princesses wear hats. If you can't wear a crown, you may as well rock a hat.
3. Bad hair day? Nothing a little feather fascinator can't fix!
4. I have an extensive collection of antique hats that are just collecting dust and I need a valid reason to wear them.
5. If we can con those trashy girls in Hollister cut-offs into wearing hats, maybe they'll put some clothes on and invest in proper hosiery and a slip.

Now I'm not saying that you have to go all Princess Beatrice and Eugenie at the Royal Wedding. Those hats were just additional signs of the coming apocalypse of 2012. But you CAN totally rock svelte styles like these:

This little darling can be found at
Fascinators...demure and mysterious!
Unsure about rocking a hat? Rock an embellished headband a la Blair Waldorf.
I'm not saying that funerals should be a happy time, but if you have to go to one you may as well rock something like this:

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  1. Aaaagh! I used to have a fabulous (<---feeling a little overused but no better discriptor!) little mini tophat like the last picture but I think I lost it in my move:(

    Also, addendum-6. For you ladies who aren't in touch with your princess-y sides*, hats can be just as indie, punk rock, or as hipster-ific as you'd like them to be. I have rocked the same feathered, netted, sequined little number with both a cocktail dress/heels and a band tee/dress shorts/plaid tights/booties! No matter what your style, BRING BACK HATS AND BE FABULOUS! <3

    *Every girl should be in touch with her princess-y side. We all have one, and even if you roll your eyes and shake your head at all things uber feminine, you should let your princess out from time to time. She's awesome!


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