Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hush, Calvin! We're on vacation!

The reluctant Disney fan.

Unless something crazy happens (like Josh initiating a blog post on his own) there will be no updates, Disney or non-Disney, until sometime next week. Why? Because I'm going on vacation, Calvin. OBX, here I come!

Join us post-vacation for more in-depth looks at Walt Disney World and some special guest blogging by none other than Dr. David Calvin Phillips. He's preparing two entries: Being a Tightwad at Disney World and The Carousel of Progress: The Show That Makes it Worth the Cash. I'm sure both articles will be riveting and full of Ronald Reagan quotes. He'll probably write (at least once), "God Bless America and her capitalists*!" and/or "God Bless American Pork Farmers." He's a man of consistency, people.

Of course, Dad could also write an article entitled How to be Surrounded by a Band of Secret Police at Disney World for Being a Suspected Terrorist With a Weapon, but that's another story for another day.

Happy Vacationing!


*As in Walt Disney, the ultimate capitalist.

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