Saturday, July 23, 2011

Disney Top 100: #90

We've been naughty, naughty, naughty and ignored the blog for THREE WHOLE WEEKS. But you know what? I've been to the beach twice and the mountains once in those three weeks, so being naughty was actually quite nice.

To continue with our Disney Top 100 Countdown, only one thing is on my mind...Star Wars. And maybe it's because I'm watching Lego Star Wars: Padawan Menace. Or maybe (just maybe) I'm one of those super Star Wars freaks who can quote the original trilogy word-for-word.

Josh and I love everything about Star Wars. We love Luke Skywalker even though he's a whiner. We love Princess Leia even though she was addicted to cocaine. We especially love Han Solo, the intergalactic bad boy and righteous dude. If you aren't a Star Wars fan, I suggest you begin with Chapter Four and remember, nobody watches Star Wars for the dialogue!

So what does Star Wars have to do with our Disney Top 100 Countdown? Coming in at #90 is Star Wars Weekend.

Just what is Star Wars Weekend? Hosted at Disney's Hollywood Studios, this special event is the ultimate affair for the ultimate fans. Featuring special parades, trivia contests, awesome merchandise, and loads of other surprises, this weekend is not to miss if you are one with The Force.

The first part of our honeymoon was spent at Star Wars Weekend which should really tell you how much we love it. We got to meet Peter Mayhew! For non-fans...that's Chewbacca.

A break-down of our day:
--Greeted by Storm Troopers and Boba Fett at the turnstiles. Actually, they are on TOP of the turnstiles, searching for rebels. Holla!
--We meet R2-MK. This is basically a bastardization of R2-D2 and Mickey Mouse.
--Minnie Mouse has Princess Leia honeybuns.
--Mace Windu is present. Sadly, Samuel L. Jackson is NOT.
--Josh discovers he's too old for the Jedi Training Academy. He pouts.
--Most epic parade ever.

See?? Most awesome weekend ever! If you're a fan, I'd highly suggest it! If you're not a fan, stay away! Those autograph seekers are ravenous!

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