Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Disney Top 100: #88

Guest blogger Josh here. It's been a while, I know, but I'm back and ready to bring you #88 on our Disney Top 100 Countdown.

Let me ask you, what's something that all boys (and my wife) like? I'll give you a clue: They have leathery skin, sharp teeth, and their population took a dip thanks to a massive asteroid. They also remind us that life finds a way.

If you guessed dinosaurs, you're right. Why do boys (and my wife) like dinos so much?
  • The mystery factor. We've never seen a dinosaur in real life. Who knows? Maybe T-Rex just liked to cuddle.
  • Minus gators and crocs, we don't have any animals that look like dinosaurs in modern society. And they look pretty bad.
  • Unless you actually believe that T-Rex just wanted to cuddle, who can resist the ferocity of such a beast?
  • Dinosaurs come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Dinosaurs have cool, Latin names that anyone over the age of ten cannot pronounce.
Where can dinosaurs be found at WDW? Well, Ellen's Energy Adventure. But those dinos are pretty sedentary. Want to make up for dragging your husband to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique? Take him for a spin on #88, Dinosaur.

Dinosaur is a super fast-paced ride that's kind of hidden away at Animal Kingdom. A lot of people walk right by this attraction none the wiser. But it's awesome and if you're a man, it shouldn't be missed.

Disclaimer: Unless your kids are heavily medicated, this ride will scare the poop out of them. It's fast and dark and a tiny bit terrifying. Parents, consider yourselves warned. Take those kiddos for a spin on the Primeval Whirl and leave the big boy rides to the...big boys.

What makes this attraction so awesome?
  • Time travel
  • Dinosaurs
  • A minimal plot line
  • Dinosaurs
  • A rough ride
  • Dinosaurs
Throw in a couple of close calls and my wife whipping out a barf bag she snagged from Mission: Space and this attraction has all of the appeal of an afternoon at the Superdome.

So the next time your old lady drags you onto Winnie the Pooh, counteract it with Dinosaur. You won't be sorry.

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