Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yak & Yeti

Restaurant Name: Yak & Yeti
Fare: Asian (fusion of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Thai)
Prices: $-$ (entrees starting at $16.99)

Up until recently, we always considered Animal Kingdom a half-day park. We could get everything done, make a quick stop at Pizzafari, and then move onto another activity.

That is no longer so. Mainly because Josh wants to ride Expedition: Everest as many times as possible and I could stare at the tigers for hours.

Either way, Animal Kingdom still closes really early compared to other Disney parks. So table-service options have always been a little slim. But that never mattered because, like I said, Animal Kingdom was a half-day park.

Cue: Yak & Yeti. I was immediately suspicious of this restaurant, mainly because it's owned and run by the same company that owns and runs The Rainforest Cafe (also known as Sensory Overload to the Max with a Side of Yucky Food Cafe).

At Christmas last year my mother made ADRs for Yak & Yeti and I didn't really have high hopes. Boy was I surprised.

The food was actually pretty good. Definitely on par with your local P.F. Changs. The portions were massive. Our waitress was really great too.

Josh and I are a sucker for dumplings so we obviously started with the pan-seared pork pot stickers. It was a good decision. The sauce was light and tart, perfect for cutting through the fattiness of the pork.

As mentioned before, I had the lo mein. I honestly can't remember if it was beef or veggie lo mein, but it was tasty. Certainly better than my beloved Peking lo mein. The portion was way too big for me to finish, but we were on vacation, Calvin.

Josh had the baby back ribs which he declared moist and flavorful. My dad also had the ribs and he said they were pretty good. My father is a rib snob, so I'll respect his opinion.

For dessert (which we totally could have shared) Josh had the fried wontons and I had the trio of sorbet...because I'm healthy like that. Josh's dish featured wontons filled with cream cheese (yum!), fresh pineapple, and ice cream on the side. It was definitely the most popular dish at our table. My sorbet was very refreshing and didn't expand my waistline too terribly.

If you're looking for variations of dishes that you enjoy at your local Chinese eatery, this is the Animal Kingdom restaurant for you...especially if you're on the Dining Plan!

We didn't take any pictures at Yak & Yeti. This is outside the restaurant!

Thanks to my Mom for emailing some pictures of the food! I didn't realize that she'd taken several!

Baby back ribs. Very popular with our meat-eating crowd.

My lo mein. Obviously there was shrimp in it. Also, observe how HUGE the portion is.

Stir-fried beef and broccoli. Filet mignon and non-limp vegetables.

Casey's Shaoxing Steak and Shrimp. Skirt steak=yum!

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