Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Things we haven't done at Disney...

I've had the awesome opportunity to do a lot at Disney World. I'm so thankful that my parents planned and coordinated trips to the World quite often throughout my childhood and adolescence. We went through a dry spell when I was in high school because of cheerleading (I know...I know), but that was taken care of once I started college. Grayson was in high school at the time but nobody cares if you miss Academic Bowl practice...

We've gotten the chance to do a lot of neat things at Disney World*. Last Christmas a Cast Member took a small group of us into EPCOT an hour before the park opened and let us ride Soarin' as many times as we wanted. If you've ever waited in line for this attraction, you know how awesome that is. My Dad met some kind of political guru once at The Crystal Palace (Frank Luntz?) and directly after that was greeted by a fellow politician, the Mayor of the Magic Kingdom (my Dad is a co-owner of a political consulting firm, Groundswell USA. His success rate is high. Hire him!). We were even some of the first to ride The Sea with Nemo and Friends and some of the last to ride 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (RIP). Once my friend Justin managed to get me into the Stretching Room at The Haunted Mansion ALL BY MYSELF. Wow.

With all that being said, there's still a LOT I want to do at Disney World. The possibilities are endless, which is really exciting to a Disney freak like me. So, Daddy, Josh, and Santa Claus, take note! Here is a list of things I want to do:

  • Stay at The Grand Floridian. This is the ultimate Deluxe Resort at Walt Disney World and one of my favorite places to visit when we do (what my mom calls) The Monorail Tour. Don't get me wrong, Port Orleans and Caribbean Beach Resort...they are both nice. But something about the grandiose appearance of The Grand Floridian sends a shiver up my spine. I would love to wake up every morning to the sight of Cinderella's Castle and I'd love to fall asleep watching the Electric Water Pageant. I always say that my resort room at Disney World is just for sleeping and showering but I know that if I stayed at The Grand Floridian, I wouldn't give the parks a second glance.
  • Eat at Victoria and Albert's. I love food. And we're not talking Longhorns. I love knowing that someone highly trained spent hours in planning and preparation for my meal. I love trying new things and I especially love getting dressed up (and cheese). So obviously a trip to Disney's most exclusive (and expensive) restaurant is high on my to-do list. Josh has promised that in the next decade we'll pay a visit here.
  • Keys to the Kingdom tour. I love tours. And my Dad loves asking questions. So obviously, this tour would be perfect for a family trip.
  • Eat supper at Cinderella's Royal Table. I know this one is a little lame, but we've only eaten breakfast there. And I'm sure the food isn't all that great. It just looks like fun.
  • Restaurant Marrakesh. Belly dancers and couscous. Do I need another reason?
  • Weasel my way into Mickey's Jungle Jammin' Parade. I'm pretty sure I'd have to have a kid to manage this. Anybody have one they don't mind loaning out?
So this is really just a short list of things I still want to do at the World. It could be much longer, but to be honest, writing this list is making me antsy. We won't be going back to Disney until November or December NEXT year. What a sad prospect :(

*One thing that I HAVEN'T done that I will NEVER do is turn my beloved Splash Mountain into what Grayson calls Flash Mountain. That's right, my brothers (Grayson and Casey) and husband (Josh) flashed their chesticles to the camera when we made the plunge on our most recent Magic Kingdom trip. Grandma, if you're reading this, I think you and Pop should consider not letting Santa Claus visit these boys for their atrocious act. We didn't even get to look at our picture!

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