Saturday, June 11, 2011

Disney Top 100: #95

This is guest blogger Josh, back again to discuss #95 on our Disney Top 100 Countdown. What's on my mind? Whips and leather. No, I'm not daydreaming about Rihanna again. I'm talking Indiana Jones.

Reasons why Indiana Jones is the man:
  • Main weapon? Bullwhip.
  • Nobody rocks a fedora like Henry Walton Jones.
  • His character is based during WWII, one of my favorite historical time periods.
  • He's afraid of snakes. I don't like snakes.
  • He obviously has IBS. I have IBS. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, there was meant to be a huge fight scene in the market place between that guy with the curved swords and Indy. But Harrison Ford had been indulging in a little too much baklava, if you catch my drift, so he just shot the guy instead. So maybe Harrison Ford has IBS. Brothers, we are not alone.
  • He always gets the girl. Unless they fall through the cracks (Nazi chick from The Last Crusade).
Naturally, Indiana Jones is my favorite movie characters of all time. Years back, on my first journey to Disney World, I got a glimpse of the Indiana Jones Stunt Show at (what was known then as) MGM (now Disney Hollywood Studios). Fire, guns, and danger around every corner, of course this thirteen-year-old was intrigued.

It wasn't until my honeymoon that I was randomly selected (by jumping up and shouting) to be an extra in the show. Now anyone can sit there and watch the show, but to be part of it really adds to the experience. Once you've been called upon by the "assistant director" of the set, you are asked to perform a small task. Mine just so happened to be pretending to swing on a rope through the trees, beating on my chest and hollering like Tarzan (hey...hidden Tarzan!). Once all of the mini-performances are completed, you are whisked off by a P.A. (production assistant) to the "wardrobe" area (top right corner of the auditorium).

In wardrobe, many robes, turbans, cloth belts, etc. are waiting for you. When called upon, you rush back down to the staging area where you try not to get yourself blown up.

All of the extras cheering for Indy and Marian.
Listening to the assistant director.
Getting ready to audition for my extra role.

So imagine my surprise when, six months after my first go-around, I was selected to participate again. Here are some pictures from Christmas, 2010:

This time around I was made to dance like a puppet. Dance,!
Making a fool of myself, all for the sake of Disney memories.
Notice my excellent acting chops.
I'm already such an old pro at this.

How cool is it that I got to be a volunteer twice in one year? We aren't going back to the World until December 2012 (a trip with my family...Mom and Dad...get ready), but I'm sure as heck going for a record-breaking third chance at living the dream. Until then, remember to keep your eyes shut when faced with the Ark of the Covenant and put all those valuables where they a museum.

**No food blog again today. Why? Because my beautiful wife and I are going to see Mumford & Sons in concert!

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