Monday, June 6, 2011

Disney Top 100

We made it through our first year of marriage! I think we expected party poppers and fanfare yesterday, but it was actually a very typical afternoon. We slept in. We watched lots of X-Men and Arrested Development. Josh had in-service, so he was gone all afternoon. Then he had pizza for supper while I slurped down some egg drop soup (sore throat). After a rousing episode of Game of Thrones, these two old farts headed straight for bed. I'm teaching summer school and Josh obviously has to work so we're celebrating our one year in November (actually closer to the 1.5 mark). I'm lucky enough to get one whole week at Thanksgiving, so it's the perfect time to celebrate. How do we, Josh and Courtney Callicutt, choose to celebrate this milestone? With a Disney Cruise!

Now, I know what you're thinking. Really, Courtney? Haven't you had enough Disney? Isn't it time to stop dragging your poor husband down to Orlando so you can dream about being a princess? Isn't once a year enough? And the answer to each of those questions is: are you freaking kidding me??? I will never have enough Disney and thankfully I married a man who loves it like I do! So, for all you naysayers out there we say, "Por favor mantenerse al lado de las puertas!" See? Disney joke!

We're also well aware that it's a little creepy that we don't have kids and we're hitting up the World every six months or so. I just say we're practicing on the off-chance that I decide that kids might be a nice thing. See? We're just being responsible. Learning to navigate Disney World is just like learning to change a diaper or put the butt wipes in one of those warmer thingies.

So, here it is...our new project: we have 163 days until we set sail for Castaway Cay. We're going to do our Disney Top 100. Our 100 MOST favorite things about Disney World. If we have time left over, we'll offer some tips and tricks for those out there who've (gasp!) never been to Disney World and would like to plan a trip. It's my hope that Josh will guest-blog every once and a while (hint, hint). Will I finish this project? Maybe. Will I have fun while it lasts? Yes!

Picture caption: Josh and I with the Big Cheese himself. Who's the leader of our club? I'll give you one guess.

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