Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Columbia Harbour House

Restaurant Name: Columbia Harbour House
Fare: New England style cuisine, quick-service
Prices: $ (entrees starting at $7.49)

Ah, Columbia Harbour House. On my very first Magic Kingdom trip I remember my mother maneuvering strollers (she had two five-year-olds and a two-year-old...brave lady) to this restaurant for some respite from the heat. I can't recall how the food tasted to my five-year-old taste buds, but I do know that we visit this quick-service restaurant every single time we go to Walt Disney World. Why? Because it's quick, cool, and very, very tasty.

In my description above, I described the fare at Columbia Harbour House (and yes...I know that harbor doesn't have a u in it...that's just the way Disney spelled it) as New England style cuisine. If you're scratching your head, you probably need to get out more. Just kidding...but seriously. This quick-service restaurant, which features a TON of seating both up and downstairs, serves up fish, fries, shrimp, great clam chowder, and several sandwiches. There are also salads that my mother declared "quite tasty."

The creature of consistency that I am, I always, always order the Anchor's Aweigh Sandwich and a cup of New England Clam Chowder*. The sandwich features white tuna, lettuce, and tomato on toasted multi-grain bread. It's kind of hard to mess up a tuna fish sandwich, so I'm always very pleased with my selection. The New England Clam Chowder is velvety and buttery...I always look forward to it.

Josh typically orders the Fried Fish Basket with fries. Once he receives his order, he douses it with malt vinegar and cleans his, basket. I'm not a big fried fish person, but in the times that I've been able to snatch his basket away, it has always been fresh and not fishy at all.

My brother, a real hummus connoisseur, really enjoys the Lighthouse Sandwich that features hummus, tomatoes, and broccoli slaw. That meal choice along with the vegetarian chili round out the meat-free options at this quick-service restaurant. In my experience, steering clear of the veggie chili is probably a good idea. I took a friend to Disney World once in college and she ate that and then threw up. But that could have been because we'd just ridden the Tea Cups. Either way, use caution!

The decor of this restaurant (which is located in Liberty Square) features dark wood paneling and lots of brass. And did I mention the air conditioning? I personally like this eatery because I like tradition. I like mounting the stairs and eating at one of the big round tables. I like pulling the tomato and lettuce off of my tuna fish sandwich and giving them to Josh. I like walking into Liberty Square around lunchtime and salivating when I see that woman (dressed in Colonial garb) ringing the bell to attract customers. Geez, I'm worse than Pavlov's dogs.

So if you're sick of turkey legs, pop on into Columbia Harbour House. There's tons of seating and you can't beat the prices.

*You may be wondering why I order soup in Orlando, a place known for heat and humidity. Being the freak of nature that I am, I can literally eat soup in almost any temperature. In fact, on our honeymoon we had to rush our supper at EPCOT in order to get a good spot for IllumiNations. So Josh grabbed some sushi at Sunshine Seasons and I grabbed...a bowl of vegetable soup. It was June and I was running around outside with a bowl of soup. And I ate it. And it was at least 90 degrees outside. And you know what? It was delicious.

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