Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Translation: Thank goodness the holiday rush is over!

We have traveled around the world...okay, around the South in the last few weeks. Disney World, home for ten hours, Augusta, home Christmas Eve/Christmas Day, and then off to the airport for Christmas in Raleigh. I feel exhausted just reading that!

Break down:

Disney World: Amazing. Like it could be anything else. Our resort was nice, the food was delicious, and the wait times were minimal. I could really gush for paragraphs, but who cares? It's the most magical place on Earth and words don't really do it justice.

Home for ten hours: I mostly slept. I'm pretty sure Josh did too.

Augusta: Great! QT with my Aunt Pam is always high on my priority list and we also got to see those fancy zoo lights!

Christmas Eve: Grilled cheese, tomato soup, A Christmas Story, matching pajamas (thanks, Mom!), and loads of quality time with my family. It was our first Christmas Eve physically together...how weird is that?

Christmas Day: Brunch with Grandma and Pop. Steaks with my Dad's family. And then...snow. Lots and lots of snow. Normally snow is exciting, but our flight had a 100% chance of being cancelled. Thanks to some quick decision making, we were on the road for Hartsfield-Jackson within thirty minutes of the snow storm. Airtran switched our flight and we were on a flight to Raleigh eleven hours ahead of schedule!

Christmas in Raleigh: Snow, ham, snow, ham, date balls, snow, ham. Also, football (shudder). We had a great time and were tickled pink with all the Blu-Rays we received to go with our new entertainment system.

As great as the holiday season is, I know we're both incredibly thankful to be home without anywhere to go. School started today and Josh goes back to work tomorrow. I'm glad for the routine and normalcy of it all. Now...back to lesson plans!

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